Passive Systems: Fire Doors, Frames & Compartmentation

What is Compartmentation?

Fire walls, fire/smoke doors and fire frames (collectively known as compartmentation) are fitted to a building to slow down the progress of a fire.

Compartmentation is an essential safety measure (required by law). This is because, in the event of a fire, itʼs easier for fire fighters to get the fire under control (so property damage can be kept to a minimum). Fire walls and doors also allow occupants more time to escape from other parts of the building, therefore reducing the risk of injury or death.

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Do your Fire Doors contain asbestos?

Fire Doors have been used for a long time in buildings as a safety precaution. But, did you know that the majority of Fire Doors installed before 1990, contain asbestos? Although it insulates well against heat and fire, asbestos has since been found to cause terrible health problems, including asbestosis and lung cancer.

The photo below shows a typical Fire Door installed before 1990, opened up to reveal its fire retardant, aspestos core.

Fire Door Containing Asbestos 01Asbestos Based Fire Retardant02Timber Veneer Cladding

What this means for your workplace…

Fire Doors installed before 1990 should be assumed to contain asbestos. Any works undertaken should be by tradespeople who are qualified to work with asbestos (this includes the replacement of locks).

To assess if a door has an asbestos core, a qualified tradesperson can temporarily remove a couple of the door-hinge screws and look for the core material within the screws’ threadings. Often, enough core material is stuck in the threads to recover a sufficient lab sample. Instead, the core may be exposed along the top or bottom door edge from when the door was previously cut and sized to fit, thereby exposing the inner core for sampling.

If a Fire Door is found to contain asbestos a warning notice should be attached to the door.

When left intact and undisturbed, asbestos containing materials do not pose a health risk to people working or living in buildings. Asbestos containing material is not generally considered to be harmful unless it is releasing dust or fibers into the air where they can be inhaled or ingested.

Asbestos-containing Fire Doors (or ceiling tiles, floor tiles, undamaged laboratory cabinet tops, shingles, siding shingles, etc, for that matter) will not release asbestos fibers unless they are disturbed or damaged in some way.

If a Fire Door is damaged, or renovations are being undertaken, the asbestos-containing Fire Door should be removed by a qualified tradesperson, and replaced with a new door.

So, how do I arrange the supply and installation of a new Fire Door?

Simply contact us, and weʼll take care of the rest.

Ceasefire offers a full range of 1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour and 4 hour Fire Door sets, designed to satisfy all commercial requirements.

All Ceasefire Fire Doors feature a monolithic refractory core, containing no asbestos or inorganic fibres, with metal reinforcement to all hardware locations. Every Ceasefire Fire Door set strictly conforms with AS1905 – Part 1:2005; your guarantee of optimum fire protection.

Fire Door sets can be manufactured to suit virtually any door. Sliding Fire Doors are also available – ideal for tight spots with limited swing space, or where maximum opening sizes are required for the movement of plant or equipment.

A wide variety of finishes are available, including paint grade plywood, decorative timber veneers, pressed 4 or 6 panel, fire retardant plastic laminates, steel and stainless steel. Fire Doors can also be supplied with glazed ʻview panelsʼ and Fireproof Relief Air Registers.

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