Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Fire cabinets assist in the protection of fire equipment from degradation due to weather exposure, and also augment security, lessening the impact of vandalism and public mischief.

They are generally painted in R13 “Signal Red” which enhances visibility. This assists in locating fire protection equipment in the event of an emergency, and in areas of high vehicular traffic (ie car parks) it lessens the likelihood of accidental damage.

Fire Extinguishers installed in aggressive environments such as where there is a high level of moisture, dust laden, corrosive areas or direct UV exposure should be pressure tested and refilled every THREE years instead of every five years according to the requirements of Australian Standard AS 1851. Save on your maintenance costs by installing the equipment in a cabinet.

Dome Lid Cabinets

Dome lid cabinets are particularly ideal for installation in moisture prone and dust laden areas, and also high traffic areas such as rail or bus stations. They:

  • Made of UV resistant material
  • Have no sharp edges
  • Allow for quick access
  • Are available in a range of sizes to suit any extinguisher

Product Codes:

PDL – 3: Suits 2.5kg to 4.5kg Extinguishers
PDL – 1: Suits 6.0kg to 9.0kg Extinguishers
PDL – 2: Suits 5.0kg CO2 Extinguishers

Metal Locking Cabinets

Lockable metal cabinet

Metal locking cabinets are ideal for installation in areas where theft or vandalism is a risk.

  • Easy break panel access in an emergency
  • Fire service ‘003’ key lock
  • Polyester powder coated for UV resistance
  • Economical equipment ‘security’

Product Codes:

ECM – S: Suits 1.0kg to 2.0kg Extinguishers
ECM – M: Suits 2.5kg to 4.5kg Extinguishers
ECM – L: Suits 4.5kg to 9.0kg Extinguishers

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