Fire Blankets

Fire blankets can be an important part of fire prevention in the home. First, they can put out fires that are started in areas such as the kitchen. Due to the generally small size of fires started in the home, use of a fire blanket can be an effective method of extinguishing a fire before it spreads. Fire blankets are especially effective when a person’s clothes have caught on fire. Fire blankets can only be used once so be sure to have your fire blankets replaced regularly after each use.

Fire blankets are particularly handy in the kitchen

Fire in the kitchen can quickly burn out of control due to the presence of cooking oils and fats. Our company’s fire blankets are designed to extinguish these kinds of Class F fires. Fire blankets work by cutting of the oxygen supply of class F fires eventually smothering them. This is important if your home extinguisher is a Air-Water Extinguisher as water normally exacerbates flammable liquid fires. We make our blankets to Australian specifications and in different sizes to meet your needs.

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