Does your business, work site or workplace need Safety Signs?

Signs are an important part of any emergency equipment. It helps to explain the purpose of safety equipment or warn of potential hazards.

Ceasefire provides high quality Fire and Emergency signs to fit all your safety needs at a reasonable price, that won’t break your budget. Our signs:
Safety Signs

  • Are made of rugged and durable materials
  • Can withstand harsh conditions in any part of Australia and provide clear understandable labels for vital emergency equipment
  • Feature bold and exact images to communicate their purpose and instructions.
  • Are able to be affixed to many types of surfaces, due to the use of special non-slip adhesive.
  • Adhere to Australian fire safety regulations and ordinances.

Because our signs are made to withstand all types of conditions, proper identification of safety equipment is possible, anywhere it is needed.
Safety Signs

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