FIP & Smoke Detection

Fire Indicator Panels

A fire indicator panel (FIP) senses the presence of a fire by way of smoke and heat detectors. Each detector is linked back to the panel, advising of the relevant zone of the building where the fire has been detected. If the FIP is a monitored type, the fire brigade will be notified and despatched to the site.

Ceasefire maintain building fire indicator panels (as governed by Australian Standard 1851) ensuring they sense and provide warning of a fire in its initial development stage, thus allowing building occupants the maximum amount of time available to seek safe refuge.

Smoke Detection Systems

Smoke detectors are installed either singly or in an interconnected circuit, to detect and provide an early warning of the presence of fire. The early warning is designed to provide as much time as possible to alert building occupants of the threat.

The activation of these alarms may sound locally or at a remote central location, and can also be installed so they transmit a signal to a fire station.

Ceasefire manage and maintain building smoke detectors, ensuring they comply with the relevant Australian Standard (AS1851).

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