Classes of Fire

Class A Class A Fires – Ordinary Combustible Solids Wood, paper, cloth, plastics, rubber, coal, carbon based compounds etc..
Class B Class B Fires – Flammable & Combustible Liquids Petrol, oil, paint, thinners, kerosene, alcohol, etc…
Class C Class C Fires – Flammable Gases
L.P.G., Butane, Acetylene, Hydrogen, natural gas and Methane etc …
Class D Class D Fires – Combustible Metals
Magnesium, aluminium, sodium or potassium etc…
Class E Category E Fires – Electrical Fires
Computers, switchboards, power-boards, etc..
Class F Class F Fires – Cooking Oils and Fats
Cooking oils and fats usually found in industrial kitchens etc.

FPAA Portable Fire Extinguisher Guide